The Understanding Hindu Dharma Exhibition is Canada’s premier Exhibition dedicated to showcasing and promoting the understanding of the history, civilization, diversity and cultural heritage of Canadians whose ancestry originates from India. 
The Heritage Exhibition is incorporated into the Swaminarayan Mandir Complex.
The Complex’s traditional wood and stone architectural beauty is unparalleled. It is a wonderful addition to the Greater Toronto Area’s architectural wealth and further enhances Canada’s diverse mosaic of cultures, arts and architect.
The Complex bestows to Canadians a treasure of astounding ancient Indian (Vedic) art and architecture. The traditional courtyard styled Haveli building, with its hundreds of hand-carved wooden peacocks, lotus flowers and royal elephants welcomes visitors into a magnificent auditorium designed free of pillars. The Mandir building, with its intricately hand-carved marble and lime stone creates a heavenly structure of pillars, pinnacles and domes add to the magnificent beauty of the Complex. Both structures add to Greater Toronto Area’s skyline and have become a major tourist attraction for people of all cultures. It is the largest initiative of its kind ever undertaken by the Indo-Canadian community in Canada - a historic and proud achievement for all Canadians.

About the Exhibition

The Exhibition is uniquely designed to inspire visitors to appreciate how the rich heritage of Indo-Canadians has contributed to the fields of art, architecture, science, democracy, education, culture, pluralism and spiritual values. It elaborates on and creatively displays, both to educate and experience, over 10,000 year old living civilization, from its origins to its role in the contemporary society. The Exhibition presents such a vast array of the civilization’s creative and intellectual output.
The traditional Vedic architectural form of the Exhibition allows visitors to experience the Indo-Canadian culture and heritage in a first-hand visceral way. Visitors will literally walk through an authentically styled ancient building whose construction is based on centuries-old practices and techniques. 
2,638 tons of Turkish limestone, 2,260 tons of Carrara Italian marble and 1,487 tons of Indian sandstone have been used, without any steel, to build the complex in which the Exhibition is located. The building itself has become part of the story of Indo-Canadian heritage. There is no other building like it in Canada.


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